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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese (a Skunk #1 phenotype) female.

The sweet and savory smells of berry and blue cheese combine to create a creamy, unique flavor reminiscent of the original Cheese.

The heavy effects  help  feel relax at the end of the day and can provide relief for muscle spasms,pain, and stress.

If you enjoy a savory taste from your marijuana, look no further than Blue Cheese, an Indica dominant (80%) strain that dominates your senses.

Moreover It has become the favorite strain of many cannabis lovers. Because of the combination of a cheese-like aroma . It is a cross of Blueberry and UK Cheese and was developed in Europe.

It is a potent strain with a THC content of up to 20%, and its 2% worth of CBD ensures it is also a favorite amongst medical patients.

Furthermore once you light up Blue Cheese and have a few tokes, you will enjoy a truly cerebral experience.order blue cheese online

It should cause you to feel euphoric, but eventually, it creeps into your body.

Helps you relax and feel mellow.buy blue cheese  online

Nevertheless Blue Cheese is often used to help alleviate anxiety disorders and is said to be successful in controlling symptoms of bipolar disorder and PTSD.order Blue Cheese online

Although it is Indica heavy, there is enough Sativa in the strain to relax the body without causing couch lock.


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buy blue cheese  online

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Blue Cheese

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